From a simple stand alone access system that does not require a PC, through to a fully networked PC based access system which is capable of doing from1 to 100’s of doors and from 1 to 1000 users, we will be able to custom build a system to suit your needs.

Access Control has proven an essential and reliant tool for business such as retail department stores, industrial and commercial premises, public building such as schools, libraries, doctors, hospitals. Access Control Systems have the ability to not only let authorized personnel into secure areas, but also giving you the ability to stop people entering unauthorized areas.

Imperial Communications Systems offers state-of-the-art access control systems and components including keypad alarm systems, biometrics, card access, proximity readers. Which system you choose depends on what the purpose will be.

Card Access Control Systems

Card access relies on keycards, normally flat and rectangular-shaped pieces of plastic, that are presented to a card reader. Access control card readers are used in physical security systems to read a credential that allows access through controlled points, often a locked door. Access control readers offered by Imperial Communications are classified by functions they are able to perform and by identification technology. Types include a magnetic stripe, bar code, smart card, and proximity cards.

Keypad Access Control Systems

A keypad alarm system is a basic alarm system with a low-voltage circuit that involves sensors on doors and windows. When a window or door is opened, the electricity through the sensor is interrupted and the alarm will sound if activated unless a code is typed into the security keypad. Some of these alarms also use motion sensors and are triggered when motion is detected inside an area.


The term “biometrics” comes from the Greek words “bios” meaning life and “metron” meaning measurement. Biometrics is the science of confirming a person’s identity through the analysis of that individual’s unique physical or behavioral traits.


Imperial Communications installs over 30 models of UL Listed multi-voltage electromagnetic locks exerting 650 lbx to 1500 lbs holding force that are sized for any traffic control/high security application. Special models are available for gate, delayed egress, and custom length housing installation. We have available a wide variety of exit and monitor controls in multiple switching styles, button shapes, illuminated, narrow width and time delay for emergency, and ADA applications. Our UL exit sensor bar relies on modern optical electronics to dependably release any electric lock. The all metal, all weather design is activated by any means including touch, clothes, carts, making it ideal for ADA application. Power supplies from 1 to 10 amps, 12 or 24 volt output featuring built-in battery charging, user friendly modular electronics, expandable to 10 zones, supplied in an attractive key lockable enclosure.

Services offered by Imperial Communications: CCTV/Security Camera Installation | Intercom System Installation | Telephone & Communication System Installation | Access Control System Installation | Network & Phone System Cabling

Imperial Communications offer Access Control System Installation services to clients across Hackensack, New Jersey, Manhattan, New York and the surrounding areas.

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