About Imperial Communications

CCTV Camera, Surveillance & Telephone System Installation Services

Imperial Communications specializes in repairs and installations in the communications industry and has been serving the New York/Tri-State area since March 2007.


Our Mission is to provide highly professional service to our clients at all times, and to have extensive knowledge about all communication systems in the industry. We strive to be the only company that clients would need to call for all their communication issues. 


The Founder of Imperial Communications Luis Pitarqui had over 10 years experience in the field of communications before starting his own company. He was a Technician in several different NYC companies such as Micom Corp, Empire Interconnect and General Communications; which enabled him to learn many different communication trades in the industry. He has always been very driven to be up to par with any new information available in the communications field.

As the company expanded, Luis hired trusted friends and family members with Technical backgrounds to move forward and continue to provide optimal service as new clients are gained and the demand grows. Luis Pitarqui has always tried to keep all his workers to provide service to clients with familiar faces such as himself. Luis Pitarqui is always in the field making sure that all work is being done properly. In other words he is not the company owner that just stays in the office every day. He enjoys the field and working along with the other members in the company.