How Imperial Communications Helped A Client Use CCTV To Record License Plates

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At Imperial Communications, we are a security and access control installation company with extensive knowledge about communication systems. We render highly professional services and specialize in CCTV installations. Most of which are straightforward installs. However, some of our clients want hi-tech cameras to capture images at specific locations, so we install appropriate models to fit their needs.

Please keep reading to learn how we helped a client use CCTV to record license plates.

The Challenge: The client needed a camera angled to capture license plates
The client required a camera to capture license plate numbers upon entering a parking lot. 

However, while standard cameras could capture an image, we had to find a specialized camera with electronic components and lenses that could clearly focus on the license plate. That way, the client could have a clear and easy-to-read image of all vehicle number plates that entered the parking lot.

The Solution: Conduct research and install a camera at the correct angle
We researched the best camera that would be compatible with the client’s CCTV system. After analyzing various models, we presented a cost affordable solution that we felt would meet the client’s requirements.

Once the client approved the hi-tech model, our technicians worked seamlessly to install the camera at the entrance of the complex. Particular emphasis was placed on angling and focusing the camera for capturing vehicle license plates clearly.

The Bottom Line
We installed the camera reader within four to six hours, and the client was delighted as the solution was perfect for their needs.

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