Nine Cybersecurity Questions To Ask A Security System Company

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In this day and age, cybersecurity is a big deal, especially with everyone doing everything online. Through the pandemic, whether they liked it or not, companies were moving online to continue functioning. Remote working was the only way to get any work done, especially with people unable to meet one another or meet multiple people in the same room. Everyone collaborated on getting things done remotely, and companies did not have to wait for things to get better or raise restrictions if they wanted to get anything done.

With everyone spending most of their time on the internet, it made sense that cybersecurity was something that they were taking seriously. As a company, we work with clients to keep their online information safe, which is significant for some jobs they might be working. Some companies need their personalized servers, and we assist in getting those encrypted as well. 

Being in this line of work for some time, we learned about a few constantly asked questions about our work, and we should address them to keep our clients informed. We created a list of these questions and answered each of them, so if you think we can assist in any way, get in touch.

1. Do we have the information we need to oversee cyber risks?

We put as many safety protocols in place to make sure you do not have any cyber risks. Additionally, we work with wired servers for your security systems and connect them through wires for best results. We have to be careful if we connect any of your requirements to the internet to prevent cyber attacks. Additionally, we have a few fail-safe systems in place to make sure your information is secure. 

2. How effective is our cybersecurity strategy at addressing business risks?

When it comes to the information that we put up, we work on providing you with enough information so you can make an informed decision about business risks. With some of the systems, they can tell if there was a threat to the system, and even if the person did not succeed so we would be able to look into it and even fortify the system if there was something that wasn’t as secure as we would have liked it to be.

3. How do we protect sensitive information handled and stored by third-party vendors?

When our clients communicate, we tell them to use encrypted servers, which is a requirement. If they are passing the information directly, there is nothing that we can do if there are data breaches, but if they use encryption, the information is much tougher to get through. People should ideally get in the habit of using encryption if they are passing encrypted information. They can decide the relevance of the information that they are sending. We would encourage everyone to deal with all client information through such a server to be on the safe side.

4. Do we have cyber insurance?

Depending on the specifics, many of the services that we provide come with insurance so that the clients who are using them are safe. If there are any issues with the products that we work on, they also have a warranty, and we are more than happy to get them repaired. Make sure you go through the details of the purchase so you understand the details properly.

5. Do we have the right data governance strategy to minimize cyber risk?

We make it a point to follow all the Government requirements when dealing with providing security services for our clients. The requirements of all our clients vary, and we are working with them to assist them in any way that we can. We would even keep them updated on any new information or procedures that come up before setting up their security system, whether online or not. Data is a very important part of what we do, and we make sure that we have the right rules around data and data governance so that our clients are safe.

6. How do we stay current on the cyber threat landscape?

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7. Do we have a tested cyber breach response plan?

Yes, and we have created various scenarios where we would have to use it. We are prepared for the rare downside that there are data breaches. While working with our clients, we have to make sure everything is in order, and we have to protect their information and their data at any cost. We pride ourselves on our clients and being the best at what we do.

8. Do we have the credentials to all of our network devices and network infrastructure?

If we are putting together the security systems for a home or an office, which was quite common during the pandemic because people were staying home and working remotely, for the most part, we had the credentials. We had a master system we could access in case of an emergency but we would need the clients to go ahead to get that done and that was mainly in case of emergencies. We provide our clients with information on the entire process and we would even tell them to change their credentials and other information to make sure that they were safe and happy, so they did not have to worry about us being able to access it.

9. Do we have an internal IT department, or do we have a third-party IT vendor manage our IT needs?

Yes, once we set everything up, if we are working on a security system around an office or residence, we provide the client with all the information they need to get through the process. They would be able to monitor everything in one place and depending on the setup, might be able to do the same remotely through Wifi or have it all saved on a hard disk. However, if they refer to a cybersecurity system that we set up, we are always there to provide them with insights into the process. We have a separate IT department, as while they might not always be available, we are more than happy to assist our clients if they have any issues and trouble getting through the process.

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