Common Problems You May Face With Your CCTV System

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Common Problems You May Face With Your CCTV System by Imperial Communications

As a resident manager, handyman, superintendent, or even a home or business owner, you are bound to run into CCTV problems at some point in time. Like all electronics, even CCTV systems face issues. Solving these problems is vital to avoid compromising your security and peace of mind. The problems a security system experiences can vary from simple hardware to software glitches that could lead to the network going down. It all depends on how robust your CCTV system is and how often you maintain it.

Irrespective of the problem you happen to face with your CCTV system, there is always a way to fix it. In fact, we have noticed that many of these problems you may run into can be easily fixed. To help you overcome them, our team at Imperial Communications has listed three CCTV problems below and how you can fix them.

1. Out of focus cameras and blurry display images
A simple solution to this is providing basic maintenance to the onsite cameras. The cameras may need to be repositioned, refocused, or simply cleaned. Any outdoor camera should have its lenses and housing cleaned at least once a year to avoid the problem of blurry images.

2. Computers running the security programs stop working
Running updates on all security computers is a must if you want to make sure that the security systems are operational in a building. Many software updates are automatically installed when the computer is restarted.

3. Losing important passwords of security systems
As soon as any security system is installed, as a client, you must document the user name and password registered. Document them in an e-mail or any other method at hand to avoid losing them.

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