Touchless Entry Solutions By Imperial Communications

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Touchless Entry Solutions By Imperial Communications

Usually, to gain access to an office building with automated doors, you have to press a button, tap in a code, or use your biometrics. All of this involves touching shared surfaces, and in this day and age, with the rising threat of the Coronavirus, everyone is looking for minimal contact, whether it’s with people or communal facilities.

For safer entry and exit solutions, touchless entry systems are getting quite a bit of attention. These entry solutions can be used to get in and out of a building with zero need for surface contact. To activate the system, an individual will need to provide authentication, which will be synced to their mobile device. All they have to do is wave their phone or hand in front of the reader to get the doors open. The system reader will trigger authentication and authorization requests through the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The touchless access system should work even if their phone is in a pocket, bag, or purse. With fast and reliable access, this touchless entry method allows authorized people to move smoothly throughout the facility without creating crowding around lobbies or entryways. This will also ensure the health and safety of everyone within the establishment.

Touchless entry solutions are incredibly easy to set up. All you need is an authorized security installation company fit them in place. For a leading security and access control system installation company in Hackensack, NJ, reach out to Imperial Communications. You can give us a call at (646) 246-2215 to learn more about touchless access controls or any other security system. The cost of our equipment varies based on the scale of your setup and the kind of equipment you choose. If the cost of these touchless systems is beyond your budget, you could opt for motion sensor doors. However, anyone and everyone will gain access to your facility with these kinds of access systems. Based on your needs, our team will help you choose the perfect system for your property or establishment, and we will also install it for you.

Besides helping you find the right systems, we also specialize in repairs and installations in the communications industry. We provide highly professional services at all times and have extensive knowledge about all communication systems in the industry. By giving you excellent service, we strive to be the only company that you would need to call for all your communication issues.

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